Pre-Visit: Questions

As we prepare for our meeting with Carrie of the Kirkland Reporter, we are all working on our questions and expectations for the visit. We want to make sure we cover all of the W’s and more. I live in Kirkland and receive the Kirkland Reporter so I am somewhat familiar with the area the publication serves. It has reached the many neighborhoods of Kirkland since 1978. It is a great local newspaper that ties restaurants, art galleries, and community events together.

I am interested in public relations, so a couple questions came to me out of this area.

The newspaper is delivered to the many neighborhoods in Kirkland, but who is your target audience? Furthermore, how do you make sure you are reaching out to them with your stories?
Are you present at community events for your audience/consumer outreach? Which events?
How do you cater to your online audiences? Which stories do you bring them and do you utilize social media outlets to grow your readers?
Following the website questions, I see that there are only six staff members listed on your website. Do all members contribute to online stories?

Contributed by Mali Murphy

Image via: coolchaser


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