Pre-Visit Questions

The website for the Kirkland reporter didn’t yield a lot of information, nor did the website of their parent company, Sound Publications.  As such, I’ve been left with a lot of questions unanswered about the origins of the former Kirkland Courier and look forward to some answers on our visit.

We as a group are interested to see the scope of what all the Kirkland reporter covers.  I’ve never read any newspaper besides the large Seattle ones and so I am curious how a more local paper reports and what they report.  I have a lot of questions about the area in general and what kind of stories they typically cover.  I also would like to know more about what has kept the Kirkland Reporter alive and printing all these years, what made them change their name from the Kirkland Couier to the Kirkland Reporter, and who are the individuals that have led the newspaper and gave it its voice over the years.

In a smaller newspaper, I would think they would have a smaller staff but obviously we don’t know for sure, so we will inquire about the size of the staff, the chain of command and the level of agency reporters have in what stories they can choose to cover.

I live about 25 minutes from Kirkland but have been there less than 3 times in my life and really don’t know a lot about Kirkland, so this should be a big learning and knowledge-gathering trip for me.
Posted by Robert Seda


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