Post-Visit & Evaluation

Group PicturePost-Visit

Our visit with Carrie Rodriguez at the Kirkland Reporter went just as well as anticipated. By looking at my previous post, it’s evident that all of our questions were answered and all of the Ws that were needed were covered.

When I asked about their community outreach and if they are present at community events, I received a resounding “yes.” Not only are they at these events reporting, they are often a part of the fun. An example Carrie gave was a story from the other paper Carrie is the editor for, the Bothell/Kenmore Reporter. The staff was part of the Bothell Chilifest both reporting and entering their own chili for the cookoff.


Everyone in our group seems equally focused on the goals of learning more about the business of print news. We have each been able to contribute to group conversations and group work toward the project.

The visit itself proved to be very successful. We were all asking questions and actively listening to the information Carrie was sharing. I was honestly unsure of how the interview would go, but I think it can be agreed that we all learned a lot.

Contributed by Mali Murphy

Image by Victoria Nguyen, BIS 204.


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