The Ws

From the questions I posed in my previous Ws blog post, these are the answers received in our group interview.

-Who… Three staff members for the Kirkland Reporter including Carrie, Raechel, and Matt. No photographer at this time, they use community contributions.
-What… Stories centered around local news and fun community events. No sports reporter, unfortunately.
-Where… Distributed to nearly all of the Kirkland neighborhoods except for recently annexed areas (only about 1300 homes). The scope of their stores can reach a national level as it pertains to Kirkland residents. For example, events in Kirkland focused on raising awareness for the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings.
-When… On Tuesday of each week at 3 p.m., pages and stories go to layout, by Wednesday it goes to printers and on Fridays the newspaper is delivered.
-Why… News focused on Kirkland communities at a local level. It serves as a well-rounded “neighborhood” newspaper.
-How… The staff definitely works hard to bring relevant and quality stories to the paper. They still rely on quite a bit of community input from pictures to local events and even sports scores.

Contributed by Mali Murphy


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