The Community Paper

Coffee shops like Zoka are common all along the waterfront. This is the Greater Seattle Area after all.

The Kirkland Reporter is a fantastic paper that relies heavily on the input from the surrounding community. It is delivered to about 81,000 homes in Kirkland, WA with a determined readership. Even in the case of a national story or crisis, the writers at this publication stay true to the bonds that hold the community of Kirkland together.

I recently moved to Kirkland and decided that this project was a great way to become more familiar with the area. One thing I immediately noticed was that even in the thick of a booming city just minutes away from Seattle and Bellevue, Kirkland takes time to appreciate the finer things and smaller venues. Everthing along Lake Street in Downtown Kirkland gives off the vibe of “small town.” The little shops and coffeehouses are a great backdrop to a fun, community-centered newspaper like the Kirkland Reporter.

Small businesses and family run restaurants like the Grape Choice are very common in the Kirkland Area.

Obviously there are many other neighborhoods served by the reporting of this newspaper. I have not yet had a chance to walk through each neighborhood, but I believe the feeling will be very similar.

The overall result of this trip justified the work done by Carrie Rodriguez and her small team at the Kirkland Reporter. Suriviving on community input and local advertising, this newspaper brings together neighborhoods every Friday when the paper is delivered. Carrie even shared with us that some readers have their papers delivered to their homes in Arizona when they’re on vacation! To me, that proves the strength of community behind this paper and this city.

Contributed by Mali Murphy

Images via The Grape Choice and The Shot.


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