Kirkland Commmunity and Wine Tasting Excursion

As a group, we’ve all learned a lot about Kirkland’s community.  As an individual, I had a chance to explore the historic Waterfront, namely The Grape Choice wine shop.  The article I am going to write is all about my visit to The Grape Choice and background of the store and surrounding area.  The Grape Choice is situated in front of the Waterfront.  I could sit outside of the store and see the water from there very well.

The Waterfront is home to a number of restaurants and wine shops.  Wine and tasting rooms have been a part of the community in Kirkland and even now are growing in popularity.  They are a place for community gathering, whether for social or productive purposes.

The Grape Choice in particular is connected to the Community through its owners, husband and wife, Larry Spring and Penny Sweet.  They have served as Mayor and city council respectively.  In a way, The Grape Choice is a central hub of Kirkland.

Contributed by Robert Seda


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