About Us

From L to R: Evan, Kirkland Reporter Editor Carrie Rodriguez, Mali, Robert, and Jason

From L to R: Evan, Kirkland Reporter Editor Carrie Rodriguez, Mali, Robert, and Jason

Contributors/Group Members

Mali Murphy

A Culture, Literature and the Arts Major with a minor in Education. With my heavy focus on writing and communication, I am interested in the world of journalism and how it can benefit my writing abilities. I am also interested in public relations and feel like this experience is crucial to my education. I also live in Kirkland and receive the weekly publications of the Kirkland Reporter. I was extremely interested in learning more about my own community newspaper for this project.

Jason Herold

I am currently a premajor at the University of Washington Bothell, looking to go into Computing and Software Systems. I’d like to do game development as a career but I’d like to get a degree in CSS to keep my options broad. While a class on journalism is not related to what I want to do, I thought it’d be an interesting class to take.

Evan Lehner

A Law, Economics, and Public Policy major. Journalism has become an interest of mine through work and educational experiences. My educational background in policy and law often exposes me to the work of journalists through out history. I have had the opportunity to work with journalists before on various work endeavors as well.

Robert Seda

I am a Media and Communications Major in my final full year at UW Bothell.  I plan on pursuing a career in public relations, advertising, or sales.  The reason that I took this class is that I believe it can further my writing skills and increase my knowledge of a subject that is relatable to the fields of public relations and advertising.


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